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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: Cafeteria Renovations, Window Replacements, Elevator Installation

Kitchen Renovation/ Servery Upgrades Status: Implementation

This project includes kitchen upgrades, as well as reconfiguration of the serving area to allow for faster and more efficient queuing and purchasing of food.

  • Progress through Q3: A general contractor was selected. Construction commenced with demolition activities.
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Continuation of construction through Q1 of 2021.

Window Repair/Replacement Status: Implementation

This project includes repair of windows (including new gaskets, backer rods, joint seals, caulking, opening repairs) and replacement of some windows throughout the building.

  • Progress through Q3: The first phase of the project was completed along the east and north sides of the school. Scoping and pricing were finalized for the second phase and procurement undertaken.
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Complete repairs and replacements in the courtyard, as well as on the west and south sides of the school building.

Elevator Installation Status: Implementation

This project will install an elevator in the school to replace a functionally obsolescent chair lift that has been inoperable for several years.

  • Progress through Q3: Design for the new elevator was completed and submitted for permit.
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Asbestos abatement completed for impacted areas. Received a final proposal from the job order contractor for installation.

Read the Quarter 3 report and anticipated work for Quarter 4.

October-December 2019: Cafeteria Renovation

Progress was made on upgrades to the cafeteria services at Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology.

Construction and permitting documents were completed for the cafeteria upgrades. The work was also put out to bid for construction services and a the construction contract awarded. The asbestos flooring was removed and remediated. The permit for the construction was approved.

July-September 2019: New Roof, Kitchen Upgrades and Elevator Update

The roof was replaced at the Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology. The next project up includes a kitchen and servery upgrades. Design and permitting of the kitchen is done and ACPS is preparing to invite bids for General contracting services. Plans to build an elevator have entered the implementation phase.

Asbestos Remediation: $145,000

Flooring: $95,000

Roofing: $636,000

Windows: $78,000

Total amount spent on modernization projects for Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology between July through September 2019: $954,315.

An additional amount of system wide funds were spent on asbestos remediation: $7,800

Targeted Assessment: Comprehensive Condition Audit

In August, 2019, ACPS published the results of a targeted comprehensive condition audit of Cora Kelly performed by third party contractors. The auditors found the following issues:

Water Issues, Aging HVAC Equipment Beyond its Useful Life, Missing and Damaged Duct exposed Duct Insulation on Roof, Rooftop HVAC Units Have High Curb Adapters or are Supported from Elevated Steel Structures Making Maintenance Difficult and Hazardous. Damaged Plumbing Fixtures in Toilet Rooms, Aging Domestic Water Heaters Beyond Useful Life.

Read the results of the audit for Cora Kelly.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates