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Cora Kelly follows the curriculum of the Alexandria City Public Schools. Instruction is offered in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, as well as art, library, music, band, orchestra and physical education.

We provide a rigorous learning experience for all students through:

  • Guided Math, which is utilized to personalize instruction to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Core subject matter is integrated within Specials classes (i.e., art, library, music, physical education) to provide more authentic learning experiences and connect student learning across subjects.
  • Baldrige or Classroom Continuous Improvement is utilized to help facilitate continuous improvement and empower students to take responsibility for their learning through Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA).
  • Science and Technology labs are used to provide hands on learning experiences.

Science Labs

The Science Labs provide students an opportunity to develop their science literacy through an inquiry approach. This approach includes engagement (use of an activator and connecting to students' prior learning and experience), exploration (hands-on activities), explanation (students explaining their learning), elaboration (application of learned concepts), and evaluation (assessing student knowledge).

Computer Lab and Technology

The computer lab is a place for students to learn computer skills, to include, but not limited to, Internet Safety, keyboarding, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, and Powerpoint), computer research, Digital Storytelling software, movie making software, and development of multimedia projects. Students also have online access to First In Math, Everyday Mathematics Online, Study Island, Kid Biz, SOL Pass, and Brain Pop Web-based programs. Lab lessons expand upon and reinforce what is taught in classrooms. The computer lab specialist collaborates with classroom teachers to support student learning.

Alexandria City Public Schools launched a multi-year, multi-million dollar initiative to bring the latest in technologies into the classroom, including computers, telephones, multimedia, Internet and CD-ROM research capabilities. Each classroom is equipped with computers and SMARTBoards for use during large group instruction as well as reinforcement of learning in small groups. All classrooms also have document cameras and projectors for use in instruction. The computer lab is equipped with 24 PC computers and a SMARTBoard. Wireless mobile carts with netbooks, laptops, and iPads are available for teachers to use with students for classroom activities. Teachers also have access to multiple camcorders and digital cameras for capturing classroom projects and activities.

The Habitat

The Habitat is an outdoor classroom, located in the school courtyard and is certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Backyard Habitat. In the Habitat, students have the opportunity to understand and explore a small pond with fish and water plants, as well as more than 100 species of other plants, birds, turtles, frogs, and insects. All areas of the curriculum are enhanced by Habitat activities.